What My Father Is To Me

Only few fathers would catch a grenade for their children til the end. I am so blessed to have one. He is ALWAYS with us giving us whatever we needed. He is always there to discipline us even though my sisters and I have our own families. He plays a big role in also molding our children to be true Christians living the RIGHT way. He never misses every special event in our lives. He NEVER played favorites to all his children and grandchildren. He volunteers to take care of his grandchildren even with his busy schedule and he never ceases to be a GOOD example to us and to his “apos” as well. Living the life that he would want us to live. I don’t know where I would be without my father.. I have been so stubborn and disobedient a lot of times but my father never got tired of lifting me up and making sure that Im back to where I should belong. To God.

There were a lot of instances where I would feel depressed and just sulk but in an instant I would receive a call from him. God must have whispered to him that one of his children needed his comfort.

NOTHING can really compare my father’s love for me…  I love you pa! I pray to God that I would be able to pass on the virtues you have taught me and my sisters to my children as well. I also pray that I would be blessed more so that I can give you a luxurious getaway. HAHA!



Magiging Kuya na si U3!


Giving  our baby U3 a week-long bonding before his baby sister will arrive a few days from now. It was soo fun! I hope he will treasure this “solo” moments with me and his poppie!

My VA Sisters

Through these years… where would I be without my VA sisters? They have been with me through thick and thin, in sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer. Who says you need to come out of the same womb to be sisters? I’m so blessed to have them!

My Sons’ Birthdays! Wordless Wednesdays 7/25

I am supposed to post two different events for my two sons’ birthday celebrations but  I didn’t have the time to do so. Here are the unforgettable events that happened last June 30, 2012 and yesterday, July 24, 2012


Jiuan’s 11th Birthday Cake (5 inches in diameter) [taken last June 30, 2012]


My family’s latest wacky post. My 3-yr-old son U3 is really camera shy you couldn’t let him pose in front of a camera without being funny! (LOL)


Joehann’s 8th Birthday Cake with Jan (U3) who seemed to be more excited than his Kuya!

More pics to feast your eyes!